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AWDtuning Stage 2 Drivetrain Package 15-21 WRX



Included in This Package

  • ACT HDSS Clutch

  • COBB Stage 1+ Drivetrain Package

  • Redline Transmission Fluid

  • Professional Installation

About the Package

This drivetrain package includes clutch replacement, Cobb short throw shifter kit, shift knob, and new transmission and rear differential fluid. Ensure that your shifts are crispy and your drivetrain is healthy with our drivetrain package.
The ACT HDSS clutch is a full face organic clutch that will hold more power while retaining the ease of driving that the factory clutch has. The clutch kit contains a new; clutch disk, pressure plate, and flywheel.
The COBB Stage 1+ Drivetrain Package will tighten up your shifter assembly for faster shifts and better feel. The package includes; Short throw shift plate, Shifter Bushing, Shifter Stop, and Weighted Shift Knob in either white or black.

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