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  • Can you tune my car?
    We can tune many different makes and models. If it has a Cobb Accessport we can tune it. We are also lisenced for EcuTek and UpRev. We are a Eurocharged flash tune dealer. We have a large list of supported vehicles on the tuning pages. If you are unsure please call or email us to find out if your car is able to be tuned.
  • How much does a tune cost?
    Tunes start at $600 for a single fuel map, but pricing does vary; depending on engine management system, fuel types, etc...
  • How long will it take to tune my car?
    Most single fuel tunes take 3-4 hours. Flex-fuel and e85 tunes take a little longer.
  • How much power will my car make?
    We cannot know how much power a car will make until it is up on the dyno. Every car is different.
  • How much will it cost to build my engine?
    It depends. What's right for one person may not be right for another. We would be happy to discuss your power goals with you and figure out the best build options for that goal.
  • Do you do regular maintenance on cars?
    Yes! We do all kinds of general service from oil changes to timing belt jobs.
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