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About Us

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Here at awdtuning, Subaru tuning is what put us on the map. With the innovation of open source tuning and the ingenuity of the community it was our goal to make performance tuning affordable.


We are also Cobb Pro Tuners, and have been tuning with their support since 2012. We have many records utilizing their tuning solutions including:


Fastest Subaru Impreza (STI) in the 1/2 mile


Fastest Subaru Legacy in the 1/2 mile


Fastest & Quickest 4th gen Legacy in the world


With over a decade of tuning we have tuned thousands of cars with a remarkable success rate. We always start our tuning on the dyno to optimize the car for peak power and safety, then take the car on the road to adjust and make any changes for the best possible drive-ability.


From the daily driven WRX or STi to 800+ hp beasts, to full race rally cars, we can make your performance needs possible.


We are able to tune any OBDII compliant Subaru from 2002-current via Cobb Accessport.


We also offer stand alone engine management tuning, such as support for the Haltech, ECUMaster, Link ECU, and many others.


We are also licensed EcuTek pro tuners for Subarus as well!

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