The Team


Keith Fields – 2007 STi


Mary Fields – 2009 Legacy Spec.b

Engine Builder/Owner:

Will Wortman - 2004 Subaru Wrx STi

Professional Automotive Specialist:

Collin Hundley – S13 Swapped 240SX

Tech Specialist:

Zack Kirby – 2003 Subaru WRX

Attention Customers!


During the course of an engine build we will throw away any used parts that are no longer usable such as broken engine internals, clutches and/or torn inlets. If you would like for us to save any and all used parts you must inform us in writing at the beginning of a build. We do over 20 builds a month and do not have room to store broken parts. If informed in writing, then we will do our best to save any broken parts, but we will NOT guarantee it. We do our best to work with everyone, but we will not give credit on a bill if used parts are not returned by the shop.

If in the event that a used non-broken part is lost at the shop during the course of an engine build, we will request proof of ownership of said part (pictures of it on your car), and then we will do our best to replace the part with a used like item. If an employee of awdtuning informs you either verbally or in writing that a part is broken and needs to be replaced, you must inform that employee at that moment if you would like for us to save that part and put it in your car. If not informed then the employee has the right to throw said part away.

Any parts left at awdtuning for more than 14 days after work is completed are subject to being sold and/or disposed of unless we are given instruction by the owner in writing to place said parts in vehicles to be picked up. We will NOT store any customer parts at the shop for any reason.



If you would like pictures of your build, then it is your responsibility to email and ask for this service. We charge $50 for this service. Some photos may be provided as a courtesy, but unless requested in writing and paid for, they are not guaranteed.

Ordering parts. We get many request to order parts during a build. We also see many customers change the course of their project during a build. It is your responsibility to review your invoice before you pick up your car to make sure that your parts request were accounted for. If it is not on the bill and we did not charge you, then it is not our responsibility. It is advised that you review this before tuning. If you decide to add a part to your build after tuning, additional tuning may be required at your expense.

Due to the nature of this business, we advise that all request be in writing or followed up in writing to make sure that all parties understand what you are looking for.

Once approval is given to pull an engine and start a build, either verbal or written, then the owner accepts financial responsibility. Deposits may be required and storage fees may apply for car that are stored at awdtuning before or after work has been completed. Storage fees are $10/a day ($20 a day for inside storage) and will be required to be paid before a car can be removed from the property.

This is posted for everyone to see both at the retail location and on-line. You agree with the terms of this once you give approval to do business with us.